I/P positioners equipped standard with
position transmitter and validation capability.

Proxima 4000 I/P positioner

Engineering and plant personnel may now specify an extremely reliable, cost-effective I/P positioner with position transmitter and validation documentation as standard features. Westlock Controls design engineers have successfully integrated three separate functions within a single enclosure: valve positioning, 0-100% position transmission, and validation of operating performance. 
The Proxima® is equipped standard with a 4-20 mA non-contact position transmitter. This cost-effective design feature eliminates the need to purchase externally mounted devices when knowledge of valve position is required in a remote location. The non-contact position transmitter also allows for a wide range of validation procedures that compare setpoint and position in relation to time through the utilization Westlock's Proxima K-Base software program. The Proxima 4000 is internationally certified for general purpose, non-incendive, and intrinsically safe applications. Two high current hermetically sealed Magnum® sensors may also be integrated within the Proxima enclosure for end of travel position confirmation.