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MATCO ASIA THAILAND has a 24 hour on call portable ultrasonic flowmeter equipment rental service.Call us in Bangkok
02-3144665 and we will arrange to come and measure any type of liquid pipe in your factory or facility in any part of the kingdom of Thailand. Our flowmeters are manufacturerd by EESIFLO and are reliable and calibrated and our technicians carry out competent flow surveys. We have measured pipes for practically all types of insdustries over Thailand with reliable on hand flow measurement devices. We have conducted high temperature measurements, flow balancing for municipalities, small pipe measurements, chemical and petrochemical measurements and many more.

Flow Measurement for a pipe over 1M using ultrasonic sensors

Testing a dubious magmeter by using clamp on sensors

Flow measurements of old pipes where previously
no data was available

Ultrasonic flowmeter measurements for municipalities
using magnetic clamps

Matco uses robust manufactured equipment and sensors

Rental equipment includes the following types
Manufacturer: EESIFLO
Model Type 6000
Manufacturer EESIFLO
Model Type EASZ 10P
thickness gage
ultrasonic thickness gage>>