Position monitors with integrated
direct-acting solenoid valves

After a decade of making Position Monitors better,
we thought it was time to simplify actuator control.

Because a great percentage of today's automated valves are standardly supplied with position feedback monitors, the basic engineering concept for actuator control can now be simplified. Lock in the valve body, Load on the solenoid coil. Through a modular design having only five components (3 valve bodies, 2 coils), a wide range of solenoid valve applications may be readily satisfied within a single integrated assembly.

Series 33

Series 34

Series 44

Three Body Styles

Three direct-acting valve bodies, available in aluminum,brass or stainless steel, cover a range of applications that include 3-way, 3-way with internal rebreather,4-way, Namur mount and high Cv. requirements.

Two Universal Coils
Two coils, carrying a T6 temperature rating, are capable of operating 3-way direct-acting valves throughout a voltage range of 24 VAC/VDC to 120 VAC/VDC and 4-way valves at a voltage of either 120 VAC or 120 VDC.