Standard network systems for
monitoring and controls of automated
valves. Modbus, Devicenet, AS-Interface

Intellis® is a two-wire communications field network capableof regulating the transmission of information from a series of automated valve Network Monitors digitally linked to one another.Network Monitors are standard Westlock Control Monitorsexcept for the addition of a serial communications network card.Each Network Monitor houses two hermetically sealed positionsensors for valve position monitoring, a low power solenoid valvefor actuation control, and a network card communicating via theModBus®, DeviceNet® or AS-interface® protocol.
By switching from a conventional hardwired I/O system to an Intellis® network, immediate cost savings are realized through the elimination ofhundreds of dedicated wires and their associatedcosts.

Network Card
Depending upon the network standard selected (ModBus®, DeviceNet®, AS-interface®), a dedicated network card is integrated within the enclosure of each Network Monitor. The on-board network card is available in two configurations. Network card (A) is capable ofcommunicating and controlling two inputs and one output. Network card (B) will communicate with and control six inputs and two outputs.

Network Card A
Input 1: Valve Position Sensor (open)
Input 2: Valve Position Sensor (closed)
Output 1: Solenoid Valve (actuation control)


Network Card B1
Input 1: Valve Position Sensor (open)
Input 2: Valve Position Sensor (closed)
Input 3: External Device 2
Input 4: External Device 2
Input 5: External Device 2
Input 6: External Device 2
Output 1: Solenoid Valve (actuation control)
Output 2: Dual Coil Application or External Device

1. AS-interface: 4 inputs/4 output
2. Optically Isolated