A full range of intelligent positioners
having non-contact position feedback and HART capability.

Non-Contact Position Feedback

Unlike conventional positioners, the ICoTŪ (patent pending) feeds back accurate valve position without the need for linkages, levers, and rotary or linear seals.

Integrated Position Transmitter

The ICoTŪ is available with an integrated 4-20 mA. position feedback transmitter. This cost effective feature eliminates the requirement for the purchase of externally mounted devices when knowledge of valve position is required at a remote location.

Intelligent Calibration, Local Keypad

ICoTŪ intelligent positioners are equipped with a HARTŪ interface or a 3-button "membrane keypad" for performing on-site electronic calibration. The AutoCal feature allows for simple zero and span adjustments as well as PID and transducer calibration.

HARTŪ Protocol

The ICoTŪ positioner responds to HARTŪ commands for ease of calibration and provides intelligence for the control valve through a microprocessor based diagnostic system utilizing the HARTŪ protocol.

Remote Mount Capability

Since valve position feedback to the ICoTŪ positioner is accomplished by non-contacting means, the ICoT has the unique ability to be mounted remotely (up to a distance of 50 feet) from the device it is controlling.