Position monitors for rotary and linear valves

Accutrak Design Features
Designed around a unique self-locking, spring-loaded TouchSetTM cam mechanism attached to a stainless steel shaft and housed in an NEMA rated aluminum, stainless steel or engineered resin enclosure, the AccuTrak™ utilizes bushings at both ends to assure concentric turning of the cams. For digital signaling to lights, motors, micro processors, or peripheral equipment, two position sensors are standardly housed within the enclosure. The requirement for tools to adjust cam settings is unnecessary. The self-locking TouchSet cam mechanism allows for a quick and simple hand operation in the setting of both sensors. Additionally, the AccuTrak is specifically designed for ease of wiring by the incorporation of abundant working space and a direct wire-feed terminal block. All that is necessary to make the unit operational is the bringing in of electrical leads to a single juncture.

BEACON™ High Visibility Position Monitor 
For isolated redundancy of valve position monitoring, the AccuTrak Dual Display Monitor is standardly equipped with a BeaconTM high visibility or Three-Way Flow Path Monitor. Either display can be seen clearly up to 150 feet. In a glance, start-up and operating personnel can instantly determine the position of all monitored valves.
User Design Flexibility
The Dual Display monitor allows the user the flexibility to design a valve monitoring system around processing requirements as the need for additional information is required. The full range AccuTrak offers design and operating personnel the following distinct advantages.
        - Sensors for positive end position monitoring of valve travel. 
        - Local mechanical display of valve position. 
        - 0 - 100% monitoring of full valve travel.