V-316 Stainless Steel

Versa V/T and V-316 valves are extremely versatile valves that can handle any air power task from vacuum to 200 psi. Valves are available with solenoid, manual, mechanical, or pilot actuators. Also available are unique features such as lockout, latching manual reset, and redundant coils. Materials of construction are brass or 316 stainless steel.

Function: Sizes: Orifice/Flow:
Three-Way 3/2, 3/3 1/4" NPT = 3/8" (9,5 mm)/Cv 1.8(Kv26)
Four-Way 5/2, 5/3 3/8" NPT = 3.8" (9,5 mm)/Cv 2.0(Kv 29)
Selector 5/2, 5/3 ½" NPT = 5.8" (16 mm)/Cv 5.5(Kv 80)
Diverter 3/2, 3/3    

Style: Side-ported

Construction: O ring packed balanced spool design requires minimal force independent of controlled pressure for actuation; bubble tight sealing. Designed for corrosive atmospheres and aggressive media. Materials meet NACE Specification MR-01-75.

Actuation: Solenoid/pilot
Solenoid/pilot for hazardous locations
Solenoid/pilot for low watt hazardous
Solenoid/pilot for low watt service
Remote pressure pilot
Remote pressure air latch pilot

Service: Pneumatic - vacuum to 200 psi (14 bar)