Versa C5 NAMUR mount control valve is a high flow solenoid, designed to mount directly to just about any rack and pinion actuator, thus reducing installation time and increasing actuator response.

Function: Sizes: Orifice/Flow:
E5: Three-Way 1/4" NPT or G1/4 = 3/64" (1,2mm)/Cv 0.08(Kv1.2)
C5: Three-Way 3/2, 3/3 1/4" NPT or G1/4 = 0.197" (5mm)/Cv 0.75(Kv11)
C5: Four-Way 5/2, 5/3 1/4" NPT or G1/4 = 0.197" (5mm)/Cv 0.75(Kv11)

Style: Direct Mount

Construction: E5 & C5: anodized aluminum body & plunger,
stainless steel solenoid parts.
E5 Seals: NBR (nitrile); poppet
C5 Seals: FKM/FPM (fluorocarbon); balanced spool

Actuation: E5: direct solenoid; C5: solenoid/pilot

Service: Pneumatic - E5: 0 - 150 psi (10.3 bar)
C5: 10 - 115 psi (0.7 to 8 bar)