Versa E series are direct solenoid operated valves that are available in 2 or 3 way flow functions. Options such as hazardous location coils, low watt coils, and intrinsic safe coils are available. Other options such as manifold mounting and all stainless construction are also available

Function: Two-Way 2/2
Three-Way 2/2, 3/2
Directional 3/2
Multipurpose 3/2

Style: Side-ported
Subplate mounting (individual valves)
Multiple manifold mounting (2 or more valves)

Construction: Stainless steel or aluminum
NBR (nitrile) seals - ordinary service
FKM/FPM (fluorocarbon) seals - optional

Orifice/Flow: 3/64 to 1/4" (1,2 to 6,4 mm)/
Cv .06 to .79 (Kv 0.9 to 11.5)

Actuation: Direct Solenoid
Direct solenoid for hazardous locations

Service: Pneumatic or hydraulic - vacuum to 250 psi (17 bar)

Sizes: 1/8" NPT or G1/8
1/4" NPT or G1/4