C5 & C7 VALVES - Body-ported

Versa manifold systems are designed to gang mount several valves together, easing assembly, startup, and troubleshooting. Two or more valves can be mounted together or mounted on single station subplates.

Function: Four-Way multipurpose 5/2 & 5/3

Style: Side-ported (individual valves)
Gang mounting (2 or more valves)
Supply & Exhaust manifold mounting (2 to 10 valves)

Construction: Packed, balanced spool design Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass & synthetic resin FKM/FPM (fluorocarbon) seals

Orifice/Flow: C5 = 0.197" (5 mm)/Cv0.75 (Kv11)
C7 = 0.276" (7 mm)/Cv1.6 (Kv23)

Actuation: Solenoid/pilot
Solenoid/pilot - low watt service
Remote pressure pilot

Service: Pneumatic - vacuum to 115 psi (8bar)

Port Sizes: C5 = 1/8" NPT or G1/8
C7 =1/4" NPT or G1/4