Series B Valves

Series B and Mini L are compact, 2 and 3 way manual, pilot, or mechanically actuated valves. They are ideal for operating air tools or motors, opening and closing air lines, controlling pilots or diaphragms of lager valves or small cylinders.

Function: Two-Way, 2/2
Three-Way, 2/2
Style: Side-ported
Multiple manifold mounting (2 or more valves)
Construction: O ring packed poppet; bubble tight sealing.
Brass & Stainless Steel
O ring seals - NBR (nitrile) standard
Orifice/Flow: 3/16" (4,7 mm)/Cv0.6(Kv8.7)
Actuation: Manual
Remote pressure pilot
Service: Pneumatic-vacuum to 200 psi (14 bar)
Sizes: 1/8" NPT