Reset and relay valves for emergency shutdown panels. Stainless steel and hard coated aluminum transmitting and receiving relays and pneumatic resets.

Function: Three-Way 3/2

Style: Side-ported
Pilot monitoring valves
Master relay valves

Construction: O ring packed poppet; bubble tight sealing
Designed for corrosive atmospheres & aggressive media. Materials meet NACE Specification MR-01-75. 316 Stainless Steel O ring seals - FKM/FPM (fluorocarbon) per ASTM D-1418/ISO 1629

Orifice/Flow: .19" (5.0mm)/Cv 1.6 (Kv 23.2) normally open
.19" (5.0mm)/Cv 1.1 (Kv 16.0) normally closed

Actuation: Solenoid/pilot Remote pressure pilot
Solenoid/pilot for hazardous locations
Solenoid/pilot for low watt hazardous locations
Manual Mechanical
Combination actuators

Service: Pneumatic - to 200 psi (14 bar)

Sizes: 1/4" NPT