Useful Resources Page

Pitot-static tube. Pitot-Static tubes, which are also called Prandtl tubes used on aircraft

All kinds of Flow Meter Smart Meter etc . Very detailed and able to help someone to understand all the different types and applications in easy ways

Convert Meters to Feet and every other kind of conversion including
Pressure, temperature, mass , volume, velocity and more
A very speedy and clean unit converter page

Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

Information on the Google Power Meter which is a free energy
Monitoring tool to view your home energy consumption

Venturi Tube Simulation Page
Able to change the venturi tube radius online

A great site explaining Robots and Robotics

Online Scientific Calculator

Thai Instrumentation
A  great site to locate local Thai Instrumentation dealers

A very easy to understand explanation of Pump Head

Exciting development information on Laser Physics and Technology
Article include Wavemeters

Quick link to contacting Oracle

The world's leading provider of solid-state meters (electricity, water, gas and heat) and data collection/communication systems, including automated meter

SAP Business Management Software Company Website